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About us

Trade shop named “Brankovic and Mitrasinovic” was founded in Smederevo in 1918. This shop had dealt with trade of various consumer goods. The change of generations and the change of the shop’s name had come, so the shop got name “independent handicraft locksmith shop” in 1983 and the owner is Mr. Slobodan Mitrasinovic. The shop was developing in area of techniques, technology and personnel and by time it was re-registrated into Production Turnover Company “Mitrasinovic” Ltd.

In the meanwhile we also founded new company named ''PROFIWELD'' Ltd (in 2015), that we registered in the FREE TRADING ZONE in Smederevo, due to various benefitial points FREE TRADING ZONE provides to their clients that have exporting projects, that in our case are more then 50% of total turnover. Therefore in the June 2017 we decided to merge Mitrasinovic Ltd with Profiweld Ltd in order to represent ourselves as only one company in the future - PROFIWELD Ltd.

Today “Profiweld” Ltd. from Smederevo is one of the modern enterprises capable to produce the complex products from area of metal processing according to European standards and criteria. Some of the BIGGEST ADVANTAGES are that capitol city of Serbia, Belgrade, is only 45km away, also Smederevo is a home town for HBIS GROUP Serbia. Highway is only 10km away, and there are 4 roads that are leading to the highway. Also the city is on the river Danube, and the pear is only 1,5km away from our factory, so there is a possibility for river transport as well.

The production program of enterprise is based on the production/services of :

  • spare parts for large technical and commercial systems

  • steel constructions and metalwork

  • special machines according to customer design

  • steel construction of the asphalt application machine

  • CNC cutting and machining 

  • carpentry and machining services : welding, rolling, hard welding, lathe machining, borwerk machining, drilling, bending ... 

The Company has employees, whom are very highly skilled and technically enabled to perform most complex operations at the above described machinery and installations. Number of employees increases depending on the work volume, and sometimes the enterprise engages highly skilled individuals as external associates for the works with particular demands.

The investment program of enterprise’s development is real and adjusted with possibilities and to the real needs of development, orientated to production for export with expectation of intensive development. 

By the end of 2020 we will move into new modern production hall, over 2000m2, covered with crane capacity of 30tons, moving complete produciton into one area, for what we hope to be the final turning point in our development.