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Production is carried out in the manufacturing area of 1500 m2 owned by the enterprise’s owner. Business space is fully equipped with utility and power infrastructure.
Technical, technological and production capacities of this enterprise are represented also in the following production equipment
  • CNC guided machine “PLAZMA” up to 50mm (stainless and carbon steel)
  • CNC guided machine with gas powered brenner up to 400mm
  • CNC borwerk machine ''Castel'' table dimensions 4000x2000x2000mm
  • CNC borwerk machine ''San Rocco'' table dimensions 3000x2000x1500mm
  • CNC borwerk ''Mandelli'' M7 - dimensions 1000x1180x1050
  • CNC lathe DOOSAN PUMA PY2600 - fi 400x1200
  • two universal lathes with different center heights, working length 2000mm
  • universal lathe, working length 4000mm
  • universal lathe, working length 4500mm and center height of 550mm
  • “BORVERK” table dimensions 1200x1000mm
  • slotter with dividing table
  • horizontal universal milling machine, table dimension 250x600mm
  • radial boring machine
  • grinding machine for circular grinding (internal and external)
  • grinding machine for flat grinding – tool grinder
  • three upright drilling machines
  • automatic face lathe with easy programming
  • frame saw for cutting profiles with diameter up to 260mm
  • guillotine shears for cutting sheet up to 15mm, length 3000mm
  • hydraulic press 200t
  • excenter press 60t
  • machine for binding pipes and profiles
  • eight welding machines in protective atmosphere CO2
  • rotary welding machine
  • welding machine in protective atmosphere AR
  • complete plastification equipment
  • spot welding machine
  • compressor for compressed air production
  • Complete locksmith tools and another equipment
  • universal lathe with working length up to 7000 mm
  • Machine for rolling sheets up to 3m lenght and thicnkness up to 22mm