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CNC Borwerk Machines

In the past couple of years, in order to answer to more complex demands from domestic and foreign market requests, we invested in purchase of two CNC borwerk machines(Castel and San Rocco), table dimensions 4000x2000x2000 and 3000x2000x1500, with the goal to increase order volumes mostly from foreign projects. We have organized work in 3 shifts, in order to be able to answer on all requests coming from our buyers. Mostly we are machining stainless steel and carbon steel, table dimension are allowing us to machine relatively big pieces, but with very high tolerances, and the production hall is covered with the crane of 5 tons for easier manipulation of the pieces. Tolerances we can guarantee are +-0,01mm depending on request.
NEW MACHINE IN WORK - DOOSAN PUMA 2600PY - from July 2017 we have released into production CNC lathe, dimensions max diameter 400mm max lenght 1200mm, with perfect machining quality of the external surfaces. 
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