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Machinery and equipment for paving machines

In cooperation with company MS Tecnologie, licence owner for selling the machines ASPHALTHERM and MOTOSPRAY,in our workshop we are doing complete production of these machines, which are from the begining of 2013.year sold in different EU countries, such as France, Italy, England, Czech Republic, Belgium...

ASPHALTHERM is special machine which serves for transport and maintenance of technological temperature of asphalt mass. There are 3 types, depending on customer request for desired asphalt mass(4500t,7500t,12000t).Asphaltherm is a thermal doser for conglomerate, the perfect answer to all the requirement on the road surface repair. The innovation and simple construction mechanism, allow easy maintenance and it is very friendly to use. Asphaltherm is completely insulated container with heating by diesel burner, able to preserve the temperature of asphalt for 24/36 hours.

MOTOSPRAY is special machine for indipendent sprayng.The unit can be adapted to any handling need on tricars, trailers, etc. and is designed for both emulsion suction and subsequent nebulisation and transferring fluids at a rated flow of 20 l/min with the motor at 900 rpm. We are producing 2 types, with trolley and fixed.

Our company is also producing various types of spare parts for paving industry, such as special drums for asphalt stripping, and also plates that are carring hard material knives for stripping the asphalt.

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